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Groupon Shrugs Off Troubles with New Berlin HQ

Groupon Shrugs Off Troubles with New Berlin HQ

These are tough times for Groupon, with a nose-diving share price and some even contemplating its demise. But the crisis-hit mega-startup, which was founded in 2008 and is now worth billions, is refusing to capitulate, pressing on with its expansion plans.

And that spells good news for Berlin – the US firm will officially open its swanky new international headquarters in the German capital next Thursday. Set to be the home of operations for 40 different countries, the building will house over 1,000 employees.

Groupon founder and CEO Andrew Mason will be in town to cut the ribbon on July 19 alongside the Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit and other public figures, politicians and media.

Berlin has been an important centre for Groupon since it acquired German clone CityDeal, which is based in the city, in 2010. Since then, a large portion of its international operations have been based in Berlin, second in size only to the company’s Chicago home, but offices have been scattered all over the city.

This will change with the move into the former Sat. 1 building, nestled amongst a forest of suits and Blackberries in one of Berlin’s most prestigious areas near Gendarmenmarkt, consolidating the operation in a very swanky part of town.

Despite Groupon’s problems, the vote of confidence in Berlin – in which it is joined by the likes of Etsy - will perhaps encourage other US-based tech startups to make the city their European home.

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  1. With my experience of Groupon in the US, it’s great….however, its existence and customer service (or lack thereof) in Germany is exceptionally bad!! One would think that with the bureaucracy in Germany that the existence of Groupon might be even more legit than in the US, however, this is NOT the case. I purchased a Groupon ticket in Berlin and the confirmation for the event provided an incorrect address for the show location. What did I do but spend a worthless 30EUR on taxi fees to drive to the wrong location and back to the correct location (which was within 10 min walking distance of my original location) only to arrive to the scene late and not allowed into the venue since the show had already begun. Groupon was not interested in crediting or reimbursing the ticket for THEIR error and mistake. This is super unprofessional and I’ve discontinued Groupon in Germany and would highly recommend you do the same!

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