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Vamos & Friends Present Berlin’s Best Christmas Party

Vamos & Friends Present Berlin’s Best Christmas Party


It’s December, and for Berlin that means two things are guaranteed – the Christmas markets will be exactly the same as last year, and there will be so many festive parties that you’ll spend an entire month with a fuzzy head in the morning. Bah humbug!

Not to worry, though; we’ve made the decision easy for you – if you’re only going to attend one Christmas party this year, make it the best one! Silicon Allee is joining forces with KlashPloongeEyeEm, Scrappd and Tonka to bring you the Vamos and Friends Party on Saturday December 15, at a great Berlin venue, the Kuntzschule. The event is being organised chiefly by Vamos to celebrate the launch of its Android app.

Each of the partners will be offering a special treat – you can get in for free before midnight by flashing the event on the Vamos app at the doorman; the Klash boys challenge you to create the best festive costume in order to win some goodies; all pictures taken on EyeEm during the event will be shown in a real-time photo installation; Tonka have lined up a special PR stunt; Ploonge are laying on some of their startup pizza for the first few guests;and we at Silicon Allee will ask you to come up with the perfect headline for a blog post the next day. Get punning, people!

The music will also be a treat, with sets by Miracles Club, EyeEm’s LorenzTurmsprieger and Agnes Lindström to enjoy. The Kuntzschule is at Schützenstrasse 6, close to Checkpoint Charlie.

It’s sure to be a crazy evening – Yule have a great time, we promise!



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  1. The perfect headline- I guess that will be my challenge then!

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