Wunderlist 2 iPad App Released as Total Users Reach 3.5m

Wunderlist 2 iPad App Released as Total Users Reach 3.5m

6Wunderkinder is continuing the rollout of its task management tool Wunderlist 2 with the launch of the iPad app as it reveals that half a million registered users have signed up in eight weeks. The launch is the latest expansion of Wunderlist 2, which followed the original Wunderlist and replaced the now-defunct Wunderkit as the Berlin-based startup’s main product.

The native Android app was released last week after Wunderlist 2 was launched in December on iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows PC and the Web. Total downloads of Wunderlist 2 have almost reached a million and total registered users number more than 3.5million.

The new iPad app has been optimized for use on all models of the tablet and is designed to provide updates and new features on a faster and more regular basis.

6WK CEO Christian Reber said that the half a million signups since the launch of Wunderlist 2 have taken the total number of registered users to more than 3.5 million, with more than 3.4 million lists and 20 million tasks created in the last eight weeks: “We are now truly excited to see these numbers grow even further thanks to the arrival and continued development of Wunderlist 2 on one of our most popular platforms, iPad.”

Further updates are also being rolled out for the iPhone, Mac, Android mobile and tablet, PC and Web apps.

Wunderkit was launched to great fanfare last year, but just months later 6WK declared it would put it to one side and concentrate on a new version of its first product, Wunderlist. The launch of Wunderlist 2 was successful enough that the traffic caused server problems but the company faces a multitude of competition in the task management space. Most recently, email simplifier Mailbox caused a stir with its much-hyped app, with an apparently enormous waiting list for a download upon launch.

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  1. Do you guys talk about something else than your mates sometime? It more and more feels like reading a newspaper from the DDR days. I know you are friends but still…

    Ohh….and by the way 3.5m users for 3.4m list, that’s less than 1 per person. And no mention on how the hell they are making money which is everything but a detail for those overhyped apps.

    • You mixed up our numbers. ~0,5 million new users created ~3,4m new lists – in the last 8 weeks. Re business model – we’ll reveal it within the next weeks. It will be pretty similar compared to companies like Dropbox or Evernote. We decided early on to first focus on building a great product, and monetize as soon as we’re ready for it (Product -> Growth -> Revenue).

  2. Wunderlist is really a nice “design project”, but it’s hard to still get excited about 6WK as a startup these days. Wake me up when they made their first few 100k Euros in revenue… ;)

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