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Food for Thought: FoodPanda is ‘World’s Leading Food Delivery App’

Food for Thought: FoodPanda is ‘World’s Leading Food Delivery App’

FoodPanda is now the world’s leading food delivery app, according to ranking website appannie.com. The Rocket Internet-backed startup has clocked up 250,000 downloads since its launch at the end of January and is now active in 23 countries – in eight of which, such as India and Indonesia, it is rated as the number one such app

It’s an intriguing claim in a space whose players can be, shall we say, somewhat opinionated. Along with the likes of LieferheldLieferando and Pizza.de, the FoodPanda platform processes food orders and sends them to the appropriate restaurants.

Unlike the others, however, FoodPanda (also known as Hellofood) isn’t active in Germany – although its expansion in February saw it enter markets including Chile, Peru, Kenya, Ghana, as well as its most recent venture Saudi Arabia, as the company looks to expand aggressively around the world.

According to appannie.com’s statistics, the company is in the top ten in 20 countries worldwide and cooperating with more than 15,000 partner restaurants. It has a target audience of 3 billion people in 27 countries, giving it the widest geographical reach of any online food delivery service, and is working with 15,000 partner restaurants.

Co-founder and managing director Ralf Wenzel said: “Leading the global mobile app market for online food delivery services makes us extremely proud. The success in the first eleven weeks demonstrates the need for innovation. We are very ambitious and want to continue this growth and become the number one food app worldwide.”

Whether FoodPanda’s rivals would agree with appannie.com’s conclusions, however, is another matter.


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  1. Interesting concept and certainly a green field in mobile. I wonder how well the logistics and monetization work?

  2. :) embarrassing not being number 1 in all these markets given that they are the only one in most if these markets. Side note, I’m quite sure they are not number 1 in India.

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