A Git GUI that Towers Above Its Rivals

By Silicon Allee |

If you’re a developer who has used ever version control, either subversion or git, and found the command line interface cumbersome and confusing, you’ve probably searched for an easier way to manage your repositories.

For subversion there’s Versions which is a super sexy and easy to use desktop program. It allows you to manage your local and remote repositories, commit and pull, branch, etc. It’s been around for a while and has attracted some good feedback. The problem is the subversion landscape is quickly being overshadowed by git, the new wunderkind of the developer world. Versions has been promising git integration for a while but has so far failed to deliver.

Berlin-based Fournova tired of waiting and developed their own sexy git GUI. Say hello to Tower. We met the Fournova team at our June meet up in Berlin and they gave us a chance to check out the application.

Fournova are running a WWDC special at the moment. Get Tower for 20% off. Ends June 10, so hurry.

It’s everything you would want in a program that aims to ease your git version control. With simple, one-click integration into your GitHub account, you’ve got access to all your local and remote repositories and branches. You can push, pull, merge, check history, branch and tag. And the interface is gorgeous.

If you’ve been looking for simple git version control in an easy to use GUI, this is the program for you. And keep an eye out for the next product off the line from the two-man Fournova team!