Adaptive Press – A New Framework for Publishers

By Schuyler Deerman |

The team behind the popular Unlike app is all set for their next project – a publishing platform for the iPad called Adaptive Press.

If you’re in any doubt, you should check Unlike out.  It’s one of the best city guides we’ve seen: slick interface, hand picked content for places to eat, shop and sleep.  It also had some pretty cool folks involved earlier on, like Florian Webber (Twitter, Amen) and Felix Petersen (Plazes, Nokia, Amen).

So we’re excited to hear about Adaptive Press, which is a framework that publishers of all sizes can use to create their own e-magazine for the iPad.  Adaptive Press removes all technical barriers for publishers, offering a white-label solution they can use to create their own iPad app which syncs seamlessly with their content management system so that the latest content is always available on the iPad.

Think of it as Flipboard for publishers.  Check out Adaptive Press online in German or in English here.