Skype a Founder: AUPEO! Interview with TechBerlin

By Schuyler Deerman |

AUPEO! is the Berlin-based music streaming service that you may not have heard of yet. Like Pandora, AUPEO! compiles individual radio stations to a listener’s liking. AUPEO!’s recommendation technology is based on an algorithm from the Fraunhofer Institute, inventors of the MP3 format, in Germany.

Through distribution deals with computer hardware and TV manufacturers like Acer, Philips and LG, AUPEO! is pre-installed on over 25 million devices. Unlike its competitors Pandora and Spotify, AUPEO! is available in 40 countries.

Surprised you haven’t heard of them? Our friends at Tech Berlin interviewed AUPEO! CEO Holger G. Weiss. We’re reposting below-with permission, of course! In the video, Weiss talks about AUPEO! and Berlin’s tech scene.  (Thanks, Niko!)