Wunderlist Hits Million Mark in Just Nine Months

By David Knight |

Wunderlist, the popular task manager from 6Wunderkinder, has hit a million registered users in just 275 days. The Berlin-based startup only launched the free service in November last year.  It has reached the milestone figure in less time than Evernote (446 days), Foursquare (396 days) and Twitter (2 years).

Christian Reber, founder and CEO of 6Wunderkinder, said, “Our team is committed to improving the quality and speed of our apps while developing our next product, Wunderkit. This is a great achievement, but it’s just the beginning.”

Wunderlist is a cross-platform to-do list service, and has seen 2.6 million downloads worldwide. Some 57 percent have been in the USA, 16 percent in Germany, 13 percent in the UK and 7 percent each in China and Canada. It is available in 30 different languages, and its easy-to-use design and easy synchronization between different platforms has contributed to its popularity.