Picking Up Tips from the Yoda of Silicon Alley

By Silicon Allee |

This post is by Kevin Dykes, an American career entrepreneur now working on his next product in Berlin. He is co-founder of TractionLabs which helps build, launch and manage web software companies and projects.

No matter whether you are working on your first startup or are a career entrepreneur, like many of us you probably feel you have no choice – it’s in your soul. But the price can be high: Diminished salary, intense schedule, emotional highs and lows of raising funding, rapidly building a team of extremely talented people to focus on building a great company… Driving the mission forward “in an environment of extreme uncertainty” is exciting, but it takes a toll.

“Few people realize just how extraordinarily difficult it is to be a CEO or founder and survive the process. A common challenge is being so caught up in your work that you effectively lose yourself. Giving it all you have is completely necessary for a chance at success. But, giving it your all makes you lose some of your creativity and passion… it affects your health, diet and relationships – a bad combination.”  This is a quote from Jerry Colonna, successful former VC partner to Fred Wilson and now CEO coach and startup mentor; the Yoda of Silicon Alley.
The more I read of Jerry’s perspective while navigating a rough phase of company growth last spring, the more I realized that he gets it.

As I was unable to make it to New York to meet with Jerry, we made a deal to bring him here to Berlin. In a week you have the unique opportunity to learn how to be a more successful entrepreneur AND survive the process by joining us in Jerry’s workshop called ‘Disappearing Into The Fire: Surviving the Startup Life.’ On Saturday, September 10, join Jerry Colonna, another inspiring executive coach Ann Mehl and a group of progressive founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and key team members from some of the most exciting companies in Berlin.

We have a few more seats available but they will go fast. We will spend the day together in the workshop, share lunch and even a few drinks at the end of the day. You can see all the details and register here: Disappearing Into The Fire: Surviving the Startup Life.