Just How Many Millionaires has Rocket Created?

By David Knight |

IdeaLab! 2011 may well be in the rear view mirror – the tech world waits for no one, after all – but it is well worth revisiting the spirited panel discussion which ended the two-day conference on Saturday evening.

And you can do just that, as the video is now online. Moderated by Mick Butcher of TechCrunch, the panel also included Florian Heinemann of Rocket Internet, Stefan Glaenzer of White Bear Yard and Passion Capital, Jens Begemann of wooga, Felix Petersen of Amen and Alexander Ljung of Soundcloud.

Supposedly aiming to discuss whether Berlin was set to become the next Silicon Valley, the topic under discussion actually expanded to cover things like the nature of investment in startups and whether the famously cheap German capital was actually all that inexpensive. In addition, has Rocket really produced enough millionaires?

But don’t worry, there were hugs aplenty afterwards…

It proved a lively end to the 11th instalment of IdeaLab!, the annual founders conference organised by the students at the Otto Beisheim WHU School of Management near Koblenz in western Germany. And next year’s event should prove a little different, with a decision to hold it entirely in English perhaps able to attract a few more English-speaking attendees.

As for the equally-spirited party afterwards, what happens in Koblenz, stays in Koblenz…