Berlin’s Totally Awesome New Production Company

By David Knight |

An American online TV network has officially launched its Berlin production company on the same day as it revealed it had passed the million viewer mark. Network Awesome features six shows a day, all of it “curated” from YouTube.

Different videos are stitched together and presented as a whole show to the viewer. There are more than 2,800 curated feature films, TV series, documentaries and concerts to choose from, and the site’s popularity has resulted in an average time on site of 19:26 for returning viewers.

And now the network – which was launched on January 1, 2011 – has establishment of Radosaur Productions, an original production company focusing on original content as well as collaborative projects with other sponsors and broadcasters. Based in the “epicentre of cool, Berlin”, Radosaur is currently producing three original series focusing on music, entertainment and fitness, all in collaboration with sponsors.  Network Awesome is planning to debut the programming in early 2012.

Network Awesome CEO and creative director Jason Forrest told Silicon Allee: “Berlin’s a great place to do your own thing. The principals at Network Awesome are spread between Berlin, Quebec and New York, so we automatically have more of a global focus.  Since Berlin is such an international city it helps to keep our focus open.”

Jason added that they were planning to use Radosaur to make a hybrid of original series content and original content designed to augment archive material. He said: “We have a lot of ideas about what online video should look like, but more importantly, we have a vision for how people can watch video online. We’re not just another faceless production company but rather a crew of creative people doing things differently, and the results we’ll broadcast on Network Awesome.”

If you want to check the network out, upcoming programming specials include a Horror Punk Halloween on October 30 and 31, as well as Heavy Metal Week from November 7-11.