Get Off That Sofa and Find Something Interesting to Do!

By David Knight |

A cooking masterclass, an urban treasure hunt or even a course in snooker from a two-time Austrian snooker champion – now you can take your pick from a wide range of activities thanks to a new Berlin-based startup.

Gidsy launched their service today, starting in the German capital followed by New York next week. Described as a “stylish AirBnB for experiences”, Gidsy allows you – like the accommodation service – to link up directly with the providers.

And what better place for the service to be launched than Berlin, a place Gidsy describes as “a city where exploration knows no bounds”? Users can search for activities or host their own, while a lot of the hassle is taken care of for them. Gidsy handles money transactions, customer support, refunds and marketing, in return for taking a fee of 10 percent.

It seems like an interesting idea, although its success might depend on whether people feel the need to browse a one stop shop for things to do. Either way, another entry on the runaway Berlin train which is showing no signs of slowing down