A Critter-cal Moment for Berlin’s Tech Scene…

By David Knight |

Monster World’s ‘Wall Woodpecker’

Games developer wooga is Berlin and proud of it. That’s why you can now buy some famous sites associated with the German capital in-game in Monster World, the startup’s third title.

The game, available on Facebook and Google+, allows you to “expand and decorate your very own monster patch with crazy items.” For the next three weeks, there will be Berlin-themed items including a monster version of the Wall Woodpeckers, the people who famously demolished the Berlin Wall in 1989, and East Germany’s famous-slash-infamous Trabant car.

As the slogan goes – “Ich bin ein Berliner Monster!”

That the special edition items come from wooga is no surprise, as the company – which now employs 120 people in Berlin – has been a vocal supporter of the tech scene in the German capital, none more so than co-founder and CEO, Jens Begemann.

“Living and working in this vibrant city feels so great that it was only a matter of time until we had to share our appreciation virtually,” wooga wrote on its website. “Monster World, one of wooga’s top Facebook games, gives you the opportunity to feel like a real Berliner and decorate your own garden with some of Berlin’s coolest sights.”