Keep Your Mobile Simple With Phonedeck

By David Knight |

Keeping things simple is incredibly important in the increasingly-complicated digital world. And now you can simplify how you use your phone with Phonedeck, a mobile management platform which allows you to manage your entire phone activity from your computer. It’s currently in an invitation-only pre-launch phase – but fear not, because we have 50 invites for Silicon Allee readers. Just go to the website and use the code “siliconallee”, although the service is currently only available to Android users.

Using Phonedeck, users can make calls and manage contacts and texting from their phones. The startup is based in Berlin, and the full public launch is set to take place next year.

Once you have downloaded the app and registered online, you can initiate or answer calls and send or receive SMS on your mobile through the dashboard without having to unlock and search for the contact on your phone. In addition, users get a whole host of detailed stats and data on the people they call, entire conversation histories and optional automatic updating of contacts lists via LinkedIn and Facebook. There is also an info panel on incoming callers, showing their previous calls, SMS history, company and LinkedIn activity alongside their name and picture.

Phonedeck provides insights into the way you use your phone, as well as a useful cloud backup if it is lost or stolen. There are also plans to add more features in the coming months – including a launch on iOS and Blackberry devices early in 2012.

Dr. Frank Fitzek, founder and CEO of the startup, said: “At Phonedeck, we’re motivated by the idea of combining the strengths of our personal devices in one environment to get the most value from them. Personal computers still have some advantages over phones – such as larger screens and better keyboards – and we provide an innovative and seamless solution to active mobile users to whom phone and computer use have become inextricably linked.”

Live data used by Phonedeck is “is protected to international security standards and by tightly controlled procedures to ensure users’ data is safely stored,” while connections made by the platform and associated apps make use of SSL encryption on a par with that of online banking transactions.

So give it a whirl and let us know what you think!