New Album Feed at Heart of EyeEm 2.0 Update

By David Knight |

A new album feed is at the heart of the updated camera and photo discovery app from EyeEm. The Berlin-based startup announced a comprehensive update across its Android and iOS apps as well as to the supporting web platform. Version 2.0 of the smartphone apps introduces the new album feed which automatically shows photos of current nearby events, places and trending topics immediately upon opening.

The update was brought about by a combination of EyeEm’s analysis of user behaviour and direct feedback. “Since launching in August, our growing community – with members from 134 countries – has created over 35,000 unique locations and the platform has hosted 15,000 user events,” said EyeEm co-founder Florian Meissner. “It’s amazing to see how creatively our community uses the app to collaboratively take photos around topics, events and places in ways we haven’t even thought of.”

EyeEm has also invested in its web platform to reflect the changes made on the smaller screens. New user profiles now incorporate personal avatars and status bubbles that can be updated to reflect thoughts and moods in a way that will already be familiar to social network users. In the coming weeks, there are plans to release an API that will enable developers to build upon the unique datacube of photos created through EyeEm, based on worldwide locations, topics and events.

The free-to-download EyeEm was launched in August, and has become an innovative way for users to discover smartphone photography as well as for personal photo sharing on social networks and blogging platforms.