A New Chapter for Ebooks as Readmill Goes Public

By David Knight |

With Kindle at the head of a surge in ebook sales leading up to Christmas, Readmill has chosen an excellent time to go public. The Berlin-based startup allows book lovers to share their thoughts on what they are reading.

And with today’s launch, anyone using an iPad, a Kindle or an Android phone can sign up and start sharing highlights and reading more about books. Readmill has also released version 2 of its iPad app as well as a ‘bookmarklet’ for the Kindle.

Readmill for the iPad is a simple reader that tracks reading progress seamlessly while you read. The new version will enable users to see highlights made inside the book as well as browse and discover highlights from others. This will enable authors and readers to engage deeper with the story and link to a specific part of a book.

The new bookmarklet, meanwhile, allows Kindle owners to use Readmill, allowing them to share books they have read and highlights they have made with their friends on Readmill.

In a blog post, the team behind Readmill said: “This update marks the first step towards our vision. We believe that books have a big future and we’re determined to be a part of it and to make a difference during next year.”