Turn On, Get TunedIn and Drop Out

By David Knight |

Social TV seems to be one of December’s hot trends for startups, with TunedIn the latest to cause a splash when it launched its iPhone app recently. It promises to give its users a “fun new way to discover, share and participate in the television watching experience.”

The so-called ‘second screen’ startup is based in both Berlin and New York, and the free app is currently available to download in Germany, Austria and Switzerland having been released on Friday. The people behind TunedIn want it to raise how users interact with TV, mobile internet and social networking to a whole new level.

You can see what’s trending, find your favourites and what you have queued up, rate programs and discover what your friends think. The complementary use of a second screen (laptop, smartphone or tablet) while watching TV (the first screen) is already widespread and TunedIn aims to turn this second screen into a social platform complement and support the enjoyment of watching TV.

The app’s activity feed provides users a quick snapshot on what’s going on, while the discover section inspires users about what to watch next via broadcast or stream. You also get rewarded for “active, loyal and viral viewing behaviour – earn points, badges and, later, real world benefits.”

The founders are convinced that the second screen will be a vital part of the future of television, and they are not alone – the launch of TunedIn comes in the same week that Tweek TV left stealth mode.