Reviewing 2011 with Berlin’s Best Bloggers on F@6

By David Knight |

You can make all the jokes you like about me having the perfect face for radio, but when the whole thing is caught on camera anyways it kind of ruins the point! Nonetheless, you should still check out the last Friday@Six radio show of the year, which features yours truly as well as the two other major English-language bloggers in Berlin, Niko Woischnik of TechBerlin and Marguerite Imbert of Venture Village.

We joined host Derk Marseille as well as leading entrepreneurs Asaf Moses of UPcload and Fabian Siegel of Lieferheld at Ahoy! in Charlottenburg to talk about the past year in the German capital’s tech scene – and quite a year it has been to. We also discussed what we are all hoping to see happen in 2012, as well as all things startup in between.

And don’t worry about us droning on for too long, either – there are several musical interludes by some very talented people: The beautiful voice of Carmen and the singing and guitar stylings of Chris Glen.

So tune in to Friday@Six, strangely enough on Friday at 6 p.m. It will be broadcast on the Ustream channel, and uploaded to Soundcloud afterwards. F@6 is a weekly radio show exploring Berlin’s tech scene and startups, and you can find last week’s show here.

Edit: It’s now up on the Ustream channel and here’s the Soundcloud link.