Study Finds Gamers Happy to Watch Sponsored Video

By David Knight |

Are you a gamer and sick of being forced to watch sponsored videos? Well, it seems as if you’re in the minority. New research undertaken by SponsorPay suggests that 72 percent of users are happy to earn virtual currency by watching branded videos in online games.

And of those who have previously watched videos, 87 percent would like to engage more with such content in games, while consumers continue to become less receptive to more traditional advertising, with 84 percent of users saying they would rather watch video advertising in games than on TV.

The research was undertaken in November by SponsorPay, an international cross-platform social advertising startup based in Berlin, and involved a survey of 10,000 of its users in the US and Western Europe.

Other findings of the study included that brands receive spill-over effects from sponsoring video – 70 percent of those asked could recall a brand which had sponsored virtual currency, 61 percent said they would prefer to buy products from such a brand, 54 percent would recommend a brand that sponsors a virtual currency to their friends and more than half regard brands that advertise in games as being innovative.

SponsorPay CEO Andreas Bodczek said: “Social, mobile and online games have become a mass phenomenon reaching hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide. Our vision is to build a new way for premium brands to interact with engaged users in an integrated, high-quality environment with global reach.”