I Love You But I’ve Chosen Disco: Amen’s Best of 2011

By David Knight |

“I Love You But I’ve Chosen Disco is the Best Phrase to End a Relationship Ever. Amen.”

Made me chuckle – as, apparently, it did for many other Amen users, as it was named one of the ’11 Bests of 2011 from Amen.’

Amen became one of last year’s biggest startup hits, after being launched at TC Disrupt in San Francisco in September. It creators described it as “a service for battling it out over the extraordinary things in life,” and it has a very simple premise: Users declare a person, place or thing to be the either the best or the worst ever, and others can then ‘Amen’ it if they agree, or ‘Hell no’ if they don’t – although they then have to provide an alternative.

So what else made the list? Here’s another one I appreciated: “I’d like to buy your daughter for 60 camels is the Best Sentence To Say Upon Arrival In A New Country. Amen.”

And how about: “Honey I Shrunk The Kids is the Best Movie Based On A True Story Ever. Amen.”

Not every post on Amen is aiming for laughs, however – user Gynantonicx used it to help raise money for UNICEF in the run up to Christmas. So keep ’em coming!