ExploreB2B Looks Abroad with Launch of English Site

By David Knight |

Three months after closing a major financial round, Berlin-based business networking service exploreB2B has set its sights firmly abroad with the launch of its English-language site. The move is proof of a new focus on international expansion from the service, dubbed the ‘dating site for businesses.’

ExploreB2B is an innovative web portal for establishing business contacts founded by siblings Susanna and Jonathan Gebauer in 2010. The service revolves around articles submitted by users, which companies and other users can search by category, read and comment, with the aim of allowing firms to establish a network of contributors suited to their needs.

Jonathan, CEO and product manager of exploreB2B, said the service minimizes “random practices that are currently the main way of interacting within social networks for B2B companies.” He added: “ExploreB2B makes B2B social media a lot smarter.”

In September, the startup concluded an investment round with a six-figure sum from the Investment Bank of Berlin (IBB) as part of the ProFIT (Programm zur Förderung von Forschung, Innovation und Technik, or Program for the Development of Research, Innovation and Technology), which requires applicants to prove the innovative nature of their projects.