A Male Fantasy – Clothes Shopping Without the Shops

By Travis Todd |

Shopping for clothes online is seemingly the new black. Hard on the heels of the success of ventures like UPcload, Modomoto is another startup coming out of Berlin trying to harness the internet to make clothes shopping easier; specifically, for that part of society who are most likely to view it as a chore – men.

Modomoto is an innovative online fashion retailer specialising in high quality casual wear, and calls itself “the solution for all men who do not like to go shopping.” It has style consultants to help guys find the right look, and then help them buy the right clothes. “No shopping stress, no department store madness. Instead, simply try things on in the comfort of your own home and only hang on to what you like.”

After you have filled out a questionnaire, the experts pick out eight to ten items of clothing based on your taste preferences and send it to you at home. Anything you don’t like, or which doesn’t fit very well, you can send back – without charge.

A Popular Service

The company was founded last year by 29-year-old Corinna Powalla and some friends, who had noticed the occasional reluctance of men to spend hours traipsing around shops trying everything on. This was also true for Conrinna’s boyfriend – with things eventually getting to the point that she went shopping for him, buying him a stack of shirts which he could try on at home. It was a popular service!

Corinna, who has previously worked for startups such as StudiVZ, Lexposure and Artflakes, said: “I thought, why isn’t there a service like this for all men? Why do you see, on a Saturday afternoon, so many guys with tired looks on their faces trudging through Germany’s pedestrianized zones? So the idea for Modomoto was born.”

The first prototype was ready just two months later, and its instant popularity with the guys has seen it developed since – with the full service going online two weeks ago, under the Modomoto slogan: ‘Well-dressed without shopping.’

‘Classic With a Twist’

And Corinna says the website aims to offer the latest collections from top brands at the same prices as in fashion houses and boutiques. The whole service, including delivery and return shipping, is completely free, while the overriding priority when it comes to outfit selection is “Classic with a twist!”

So will it be successful? For a start, Modomoto has a built-in advantage – the more you shop there, the more the style team can get to know your preferences, and the easier the whole thing becomes. And far from being a stereotype, many guys – not all, by any means – would rather be undertaking activities which are a much better use of their time than shopping for clothes, such as watching/playing/talking about football.

In terms of money, the model is already there – the cash it saves on not having to maintain retail premises allows for the free delivery and return shipping service.

I believe that fashion-related startups can look forward to a good 2012, with innovative ventures finding plenty of space to grow, so perhaps Modomoto can harness that Berlin chic to good effect.