Two and a Half Startups – Kutcher ‘Invests in Gidsy’

By David Knight |

Ashton Kutcher has reportedly invested yet again in a startup in Berlin – does that mean we can definitively label the German capital as the NEW HOLLYWOOD yet? Nope? Ah well. Anyway, Kutcher, who caused waves in Berlin when he invested in Amen last summer, has followed up by signing on to fund Gidsy, according to Deutsche Startups.

Launched in Berlin on November 2 last year, Gidsy describes its service as a “stylish AirBnB for experiences”, which allows you – like accommodation website AirBnB – to link up directly with the providers. A wide range of services and events can be booked through Gidsy, including shopping trips, tours and cooking masterclasses, and it now also available in New York and Amsterdam.

The amount Two and a Half Men star Kutcher has invested into Gidsy, which has close ties to Amen and other major Berlin startups like SoundCloud, is not yet known, but it’s fair to assume it won’t just be some spare change.

So which Hollywood star do you think will be next to invest in Berlin?