Apple Adds iPhones and iPads to Recycling Program

By David Knight |

Apple is extending its hardware recycling program in Germany – and is offering cash bonuses to customers to persuade them to join in. France and the UK are also being added to the program, first introduced in the US.

From today, iPhones and iPads can be exchanged alongside old Macs, iPods and PCs for store credit or cash – unlike across the Atlantic, where customers are only offered store gift cards and discounts. If the devices are not worth anything, they will still be taken and recycled free of charge.

European firm Dataserv will be handling the actual recycling of the old devices.

Old and worn-out iPods and mobile phones can be sent off and disposed of free of charge, while they can also be dropped off at Apple Stores. If you buy a new iPod at the same time, you will be given a 10 percent discount (except on iPod shuffle).