Wonder No More: Wunderkit Goes Into Open Beta

By David Knight |

A couple of weeks ago, we had an exclusive first peek at 6Wunderkinder’s eagerly-awaited new product, Wunderkit. But anyone who couldn’t get into the closed beta then can wonder no more now that it’s been released into open beta.

Wunderkit is a social organizer web service with a beta Mac client app and iOS which allows users to manage and accomplish, together with friends, family and colleagues, all of their projects, be it work, travel, sport, music or anything else.

A Wunderkit stream.

Users can create workspaces, and then use a system of Tasks, Notes and dashboard to collaborate and monitor status updates and important tasks from all working spaces through their stream. Wunderkit (walkthrough video here) had been in closed beta for the past three weeks but access is now available to everyone. It has been built with mass collaboration in mind and can be used on the desktop or on an iPhone, with data remaining identical on any device thanks to cloud synchronization technology.

Everything is fully searchable and is automatically synchronized between the platform and IOS device. The ‘home’ page allows the user to view all recent activity, status updates and important tasks from all of their workspaces.

6Wunderkinder has also revealed details of its new Pro model. Free users can collaborate with anyone inside a workspace they own; Pro users can collaborate with anyone inside any workspace. Other Pro benefits include priority support and a ‘Pro badge’ for their account.

Christian Reber, CEO of 6Wunderkinder, said: “Our company firmly believes that ‘work’ simply isn’t limited to just the office, we’ve got families to organize, trips to plan, school projects to complete. Wunderkit will not only be targeted to businesses but for everyone, regardless of what they do. We’re a generation of makers, and we’re pushing for people to start creating amazing things with their friends, families and colleagues.”