Network Awesome Unveils New Features in Relaunch

By Toni Ellis |

Network Awesome has relaunched with new features including a redesigned archive and category search. The American online TV network, which launched in January 2011 and set up a production company in Berlin later in the year, promises a greater interaction with social networks than before.

The company positions itself as an alternative broadcast television. Using the vastYouTube archives as its source, it curates six new shows each day including music performances, movies, documentaries and TV shows. There are also daily and weekly special event show themes, such as Godzilla Day or Heavy Metal Week.

The videos are stitched together and presented as a complete show to the viewer. There is also a Network Awesome blog featuring behind-the-scenes articles, interviews and reviews about the video content featured. And now, following the relaunch, the 3,500 shows curated since March 2011 can be searched via category: Movies, Documentaries, Live Music, Art, Trailer Trash and Collections.

There is also a redesigned extensive archive of previously uploaded videos and 28 series pages for collected episodes and information.

Other features of Wednesday’s relaunch include an entire site rebuild with HTML5, new comment section on all pages and new tools to view and share videos.

For an interesting watch, check out ‘Berlin Weekend’ featuring 18 videos about Berlin’s history and culture, including a Nazi propaganda film from 1936 which is one of the earliest colour films taken of the city, a documentary on Frederick the Great, and 2003 movie ‘Goodbye Lenin!’.