Rocket’s Wrapp ‘Clone’ DropGifts in Fleurop Deal

By Lynsey Anderson |


Rocket Internet has secured a major partner for its latest enterprise, DropGifts, in the form of multinational florist Fleurop. DropGifts, the social gift-giving service first revealed by Silicon Allee, was launched last Monday.

Its stated goal is to revolutionise the way people send presents over the Internet – rather than spending hours searching online stores, users can find the right gift in just a few clicks. These now include flowers courtesy of Fleurop.

Berlin-based startup DropGifts allows users to send gift cards via Facebook, with a personal message inside. The company’s Christian Hartung said: “Ultimately, everyone knows the situation – I know what stores and brands my friends like but only they know they like best.” With DropGifts you can let your friend pick out what they want, making life simpler for everyone.

There’s also the added bonus of enabling a group of people to pitch in for the gift, even after the card has been sent.

With the gift-giving space rapidly filling up, and DropGifts itself bearing a passing resemblance to successful Swedish startup Wrapp, the newcomer will no doubt be looking to add more big names to its list of client companies to firmly establish itself in the marketplace. The debate will continue, however, as to whether sticking to the classic e-commerce model – especially given Rocket’s reputation for cloning successful startups – will prove a hit in the long run.