C’est Ici! Berlin’s First French Tech Blog Launches

By David Knight |

Mais oui! Berlin is proving its international credentials yet again thanks to a new French-language tech blog which launched today. Berlin Maniacs is a new project from the people behind Silicon Maniacs, and is aimed at connecting French speakers with the startup scene in the German capital.

Editor-in-Chief Anastasia  Lévy, who has set up the website in association with Nicolas Kayser-Bril, told Silicon Allee that the idea behind the project is to build connections between France and Germany.

She said: “It’s obvious that Berlin is becoming the Silicon Valley of Europe, as everyone says. No one needs us to tell them that. But we realized that French startuppers who are becoming interested in Berlin for that reason don’t actually know what really happens here, and how they can be part of it. We would like to inform them about that, try to bring the French community together and maybe try to be a bridge between Paris and Berlin.”

Berlin Maniacs will have two editorial goals – reporting on tech and startup news in the German capital and providing practical information on coming to and working in Berlin.

Anastasia added: “Living here, we know that Berlin is a city of many opportunities, and we’d like to share this.”

It’s great to see them arrive on the scene; further proof that Berlin is fast becoming THE place to be for tech in Europe. Bonne chance!