Fellody Connecting, Ahem, ‘Music Lovers’ on Spotify

By David Knight |

Finally, at long last, it’s here – music fans across Germany have been enjoying the launch of Spotify today, as previously revealed on Silicon Allee. And they could soon be celebrating something even more thanks to online flirt service Fellody.

Their Spotify app allows users to find and connect with people who have a similar taste in music. It certainly brings a whole new meaning to ‘music lovers’.

Spotify is the world’s largest on-demand music streaming service with more than 500 million playlists already created. That is something which, according to Fellody – a mixture between music, matchmaking and social networking – means there is plenty of potential for finding the musically perfect partner.

The free Fellody app within Spotify analyses a user’s taste in music through their playlists and suggests potential friends and flirts. Musical matches are given in a percentage, and results can be sorted and filtered by age, gender or location. And as well as showing favourite artists in common, the app also displays other performers which potential partners are listening to – a great way for users to discover new music themselves.

“Spotify and Fellody connect one thing – the love of music. Spotify gives its users immediate access to music; the exchange and the getting to know each other then happens with Fellody. For us it is an ideal, complementary partnership,” said Robin Simon, CEO of Fellody.

So there we are – even more reason to celebrate the launch of Spotify in Germany!