Stefan Wolpers on Startup Camp Berlin

By Silicon Allee |

This is a guest post by Sandy Hathaway

The second annual Startup Camp Berlin is set to kick off this Friday at the MediaDesign Hochschule in Kreuzberg. After making a name for itself in its debut year, the not-for-profit event, which occurs over two days, embodies Berlin’s entrepreneurial spirit and brings together some of the most important players in the city’s growing tech ecosystem.

Stefan Wolpers of Entrepreneurs Club Berlin is one of the key organisers behind the Camp, and he told Silicon Allee why the event has already proved to be a success.

He said: “The fundamental reason behind why Startup Camp Berlin was founded is to allow local entrepreneurs to network with each other, attract VCs from around the world, bring in professional expert advisors and build a strong community in this city. By using this opportunity to learn from others, we can avoid reinventing the wheel, share best practices, and learn from mistakes.

“The latter point is very important when dealing with startups, and especially in Germany where the tolerance for failure is very low. However entrepreneurs who attend this event will also leave with a stronger network to rely on and a reassuring sense that they are not in this alone.”

Stefan added that the Camp will help open up potential business opportunities as well as increase startups’ visibility with investors.

Speakers at the event will include entrepreneurs, VCs and startup-focused professional advisors including Christian Weiss of Project A Ventures, Ijad Madisch of ResearchGate, Conrad Fritzsch of, Paul Jozefak of Liquid Labs and Dr. Brigitta Varadinek of Linden Partners. You can check out a full line up here.

Silicon Allee will be reporting live from Startup Camp Berlin on Friday and Saturday, including via blog posts, Twitter and interviews with notable speakers.