LWS: Keeping Your Head in the Clouds

By David Knight |

There’s hardly a cloud in the sky in London today – but that’s certainly not true of the London Web Summit where Paris-based startup Jolicloud just launched its new personal cloud service.

Billed as the “Google of Yourself”, Jolicloud Me automatically finds and sorts your personal and social content, allowing users to index, connect and share folders of their data with friends, all while keeping all of their files in one place – a system the startup says will simplify people’s digital life.

It’s a great example of a European startup making waves, and CEO and founder Tariq Krim told the conference: “The cloud is in everyone’s life; if you improve the cloud, you basically improve everoyone’s life.”

Jolicloud Me provides users access to their content over various platforms, even if its hidden in multiple formats, through a personal search engine and collections which enables users to assemble content to their own preference. Jolicloud Me also sorts content in the cloud library automatically,  via media type, time or location in real time.

The service is currently in invitation-only private beta on HTML5, iPhone and Android platforms.

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