Organiser Gives First Berlin Tech Meetup 3 Out of 6

By David Knight |

Three out of six – that’s the mark organiser Gabriel Matuschka gave for the first Berlin Tech Meetup last night. The event at Mobilesuite in Prenzlauer Berg saw presentations from five Berlin startups focusing on the technology behind their products.

And while a decent crowd seemed to enjoy the show, Gabriel – a founder of OliveTree – told Silicon Allee afterwards that he wanted to see more young ‘technology as a core’ companies take to the stage at future editions of what he hopes will become a regular event.

The startups involved on Wednesday night included CloudControl, EyeEm, KeyRocket, Plista and Wooga, with each given five minutes to present followed by five minutes of Q&A.

The results were a mixed bag, with different approaches taken by each speaker – CloudControl tried to show their processes, EyeEm relied purely on speaking, KeyRocket doubled up on stage, Plista went into the most detail and Wooga laid out their best working practices.

All in all, it went down well – but Gabriel is hoping to do even better next time. He said: “It was so-so, maybe three out of six. We want companies showing their products. There were two young companies tonight, and we want to have more show up and do something like that. Ultimately, we think that would be a good thing for the ecosystem.”

And of course, the free drinks – courtesy of sponsor You Is Now, an incubator from ImmobilienScout24 – will prove a draw again as well!