Kinopilot a Boon for Berlin’s Film Fans

By David Knight |

Berlin is renowned for its art and culture, including the myriad of cinemas located in the city. Now you can access information on films playing at all kinds of cinemas, from the smallest arthouse venues to the biggest chains, with a new app called Kinopilot.

The free app, available on iPhone and iPad, provides details of what’s showing and when, as well as information and trailers. There are currently 148 movies and 69 cinemas included in the app.

Kinopilot was developed by programmer Eno Thierbach in conjunction with German film recommendation site moviepilot. It provides an overview of what’s on offer in Berlin’s cinemas, large and small, including a geolocation function to direct you to the right place and even a handy in-app link to Fahrberlin, an extremely useful public transport app.

And the wide selection of films available in the German capital is further enhanced by detailed background information including photos and trailers – as well as a link to definitive movie website IMDB.

There is also plenty of information, however, from the database of moviepilot, which contains more than 50,000 films and 28,000 trailers and movie-related videos. Thierbach himself is a long-time member of the community.

He said: “I was especially pleased that the co-operation with moviepilot has worked out because it not only created a connection to an extensive database but also to a diverse film community.”

While many English-language movies shown in Berlin are dubbed into German, there are plenty of cinemas which will show films in their original language, including the CineStar at the Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz.

Eno previously developed the Freiluftkinopilot app, which provided information on Berlin’s well-known open air cinema program in the summer of 2011. The annual program, which sees films shown at more than a dozen outdoor screens, has proved a big hit with Berliners for years.