Jess Erickson to Join Four Sektor from 6Wunderkinder

By Silicon Allee |

Dear Silicon Allee readers,

Last summer, not long after we began hosting monthly tech meet ups in Berlin, we asked our friend and journalist David Knight to start writing regularly for Silicon Allee. After a few months of bootstrapping the site, we pulled together a bit of financing and transitioned David to a full time role as Editor-in-Chief as part of our newly-established parent company, Four Sektor.

And today, we are pleased to announce another addition to the Four Sektor family: Jess Erickson, former Head of Communications at 6Wunderkinder. We’ve known Jess for a long time – from even before she started working at 6WK – and are delighted that she will soon be joining Dave and the rest of the team to build an English-speaking, tech-focused PR resource.

Jess is bringing with her some awesome experience, an amazing rolodex and boundless energy. We couldn’t have found a better person to work with on this.

Thank you for your support so far, and here’s to another great year together in Berlin.

The Silicon Allee team