New EyeEm Camera Finally Released on Android

By David Knight |

The new EyeEm camera, which adds 14 new filters and 12 cutting-edge frames, has finally been released on Android, three weeks after its iOS launch. Each filter can be combined with any of the frames, allowing for what the company calls “endless creative possibilities.”

The new release has also introduced a swipe function to change filters, removing the need to repeatedly tap on the bottom of your screen when using the photo app. Instead, you can now swipe horizontally to choose a filter and vertically to select a frame.

EyeEm is a photo sharing and discovery app based in Berlin. Ramzi Rizk, the firm’s CTO and co-founder, told Silicon Allee that the UI was now much improved on Android: “I would say we have more iPhone than Android users, but I personally really love the Android platform. It’s really important for us – the whole point of EyeEm is it’s cross-platform, and we want to deliver a quality product on all platforms that we support.”

The new camera also includes advanced search functions, with results divided into Albums and People, as well as notification thumbnails to allows users to see which of their photos was liked or commented on direct from the My News screen.

It was already a great-looking app, and the latest release means Android users can enjoy the extra functionality already experienced by those of an Apple persuasion.