Audiosnaxx Wins Golden Hard Hat at CAMPKBX

By David Knight |

The battle for the Golden Hard Hat is over – with the prestigious prize for the winning idea at CAMPKBX being awarded to Audiosnaxx. That means the project, dreamt up by Markos Hassenstein, will now be developed and made reality by the team at keksbox.

Audiosnaxx saw off stiff competition from the two other finalists, Fairlaufr and Mompreneurs, to see Markos get his hands on the headwear. The hard hat was the symbol of the event, with the keksbox crew at the Palais in the Kulturbrauerei all wearing yellow versions.

The three ideas were chosen out of eight presented on Friday night, and were given the help of expert coaches throughout the day on Saturday to perfect their pitches (click here for details of the ideas and coaches).

And after the audience heard what they had come up over the course of the day, a yellow hard hat-wearing panel grilled the founders and coaches before the winner was announced, with Stefan Wolpers‘ keynote sandwiched in between.

Audiosnaxx will now have plenty of support to become reality – although the organisers hope all the ideas presented at the event will eventually be seen through. Following his victory, Markos said: “I’m really looking forward to working on it. It’s great, it’s fantastic, it’s unbelievable; two weeks before I had no clue that I could do this. It’s perfect. But all of the ideas here were really, really good. They would be good for the market. They could go for it; hopefully they all will.”

Organiser Bastian Koch from keksbox, which celebrated its fifth birthday at the after-party, said: “We have a good winner of the Golden Hard Hat 2012. I like the idea very much – it’s an app which combines podcasting and location based-services, and it will be really awesome for it to hit the market.”

In the final analysis, it was great to see so many interesting ideas at least be given an airing, even if not all of them will ultimately see fruition. Watch this space for the ones that will, however.