Focus Now on Product for ‘Masculine’ UPcload

By David Knight |

UPcload has finally launched in Germany – and with the technology perfected, the focus has now switched to improving the ‘masculine’ product and better integrating into the fashion community.

The service enables users to size themselves for clothes through their own webcam, making buying online a much less painful experience. And to celebrate yesterday’s big launch, the Berlin-based startup is hosting the ‘100 Days eFashion Revolution Party‘ with special offers each day.

With partners including 7 Trends and Cleptomanix, users can receive promotional codes by visiting the site and entering their UPcload size.

Marketing manager Nicole Winchell told Silicon Allee: “The whole goal behind UPcload is to reduce returns, and in Germany there’s a 40 percent average return rate and that costs those shops €21 on average. So for the companies which are taking part in the 100Days, it’s an interesting pilot project; they can see what UPcload can do for them. People who are ordering this clothing online can see that they are getting the right size – the main reason for returns is that the item doesn’t fit.”

UPcload was founded in December 2010 by Asaf Moses and Sebastian Schulze. Users can get an accurate size quickly and simply through their webcam, using a CD – a shape and size standardised around the globe – for reference. It is currently integrated on websites including Workaholic Fashion, HumboldtStore, North Face and ShirtsOnTheFly.

The focus now will be on improving the product. Nicole added: “We just want to put the product out there. We want to see how people interact with the product; how they use Upcload, what they think of it, what they like, what they don’t like, and take that feedback and continuously make our product better. The aim of this launch is to gain users, but it’s also to see what users think of UPcload.”

In addition, the startup will also be trying to get more involved with the fashion community. It has partnered with independent fashion designers from Berlin to open up a new market, with many consumers nervous about buying online from a label where they don’t know the size model very well.

“I think UPcload was, personally from a female perspective, kind of masculine in a lot of ways,” said Nicole. “I think it was maybe just the natural influence of having mainly men working on it. So now it also about making it an attractive product that everyone would want to use. Technology and fashion have a natural affinity, and I think that people are realising that also. They don’t have to be two separate communities, why can’t you combine the two? I think that UPcload is a great example of that.”

Sebastian told Silicon Allee: “100Days aims to show that technology fits fashion. The event showcases a collaboration between UPcload’s technology and exclusive fashion labels, as it gives users itemised size recommendations for special fashion deals.”

Following yesterday’s roll out in Germany, the startup will now set its sights on the US with a launch Stateside planned for later this year. Asaf will be in California from July with help from the German Silicon Valley Accelerator.

For now, Nicole has revealed that UPcload is partnering with “one of the largest online shopping platforms” in the near future, although she refused to name names.