Save Your Mobile in the Cloud with Phonedeck

By Toni Ellis |

You never need worry about losing your phone contacts or important texts from loved ones again thanks to Phonedeck. The Berlin-based  startup offers a new cloud-based mobile phone management platform that is designed to easily connect your phone information to your computer or tablet.

Currently available on Android (and as an S40 app for featured Nokia phones), Phonedeck aims to bridge the gap between a users phone communications and the web.

“The idea for Phonedeck was born out of a vision of combining the strengths of two devices many people in business use every day; the portability and connectivity of mobile phones and the relative large screens and keyboards of personal computers,” said Frank Fitzek, Phonedeck’s CEO and co-founder.

The app allows users to store and edit all of their phone contacts, send and receive SMS, and initiate and answer (or decline) calls to their handsets remotely from a connected web browser. Unlike other cross-platform contact management services, the app also allows users to access and monitor a wide range of their phone usage statistics, such as logging entire contact history your most contacted people, or viewing how many calls and messages you’ve sent in a chosen time period.

Phone + Computer. Via

The app also features clever insights to the phone itself – users can see the charge of the battery displayed on their computer desktop as well as a remotely activated chime for recovering misplaced handsets that will sound even when the phone is on silent.

Since Phonedeck’s invitation-only soft launch at the end of 2011, some 50,000 users have registered for the app. The new version includes updated features including upgraded Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integration. Users are also able to share calls and SMS messages onto their social media platforms, as well as automatically sync and update contact details when they’ve been chanced on LinkedIn.