Is Your Startup Proud to Be Made in Berlin?

By David Knight |

“How many startups are there really in Berlin?” It’s a question that invariably crops up when journalists from the ‘mainstream’ media who have been tasked with writing about the tech scene here in Germany’s capital approach Silicon Allee for more info.

Well, um, good question… depends what you define as a startup, I suppose. Do companies as large as Zalando or Wooga count? What about someone who starts a business only loosely connected with the digital world, like a fashion label based around a blog of what’s hot?

To make things simpler, we have decided to leave it to the community – and so we’ve started our Made in Berlin page, a simple list of startups which are Berliner and proud of it.

And we’ve also included whether or not the startups are looking for new employees – just to make it that little bit easier to find your perfect job!

If you want to be included on the list, email us at and help us build up a simple database of what Berlin has to offer. Then just include the ‘Made in Berlin’ tag with a link back to the list.