Proof Posi+tive that Berlin is More Stylish Than Ever

By Toni Ellis |

As much as it might be trying to lose its “poor but sexy” tag, Berlin is still damn stylish. Some of the best startups around are centred on artistic pursuits – EyeEm, Monoqi, Fashionism and 7Moments, to name but a few.

This growing reputation for style excellence has not gone unnoticed, with online design and lifestyle magazine Posi+tive dedicating its next biannual edition to Berlin. And the startups and people which are at the heart of the city’s cultural life can have their say by submitting photos, features and reports.

Posi+tive is from famously style-conscious Italy and celebrates the best in photography, fashion, architecture, design and culture, with a focus on social issues and perspectives from around the world.

The magazine’s general manager Filippo Erizzo, who is based in Berlin, said: “While our roots are Italian, and we publish a lot of content from Italy, we also want to connect our viewership with one of the most vibrant capitals of Europe, Berlin. Berlin is home to a diverse range of individuals and startups that are developing exciting projects in various fields from music, fashion and art to IT and environmentally sustainable design and engineering. Posi+tive Berlin is a visual platform that aims to showcase these innovative projects from Berlin.”

With SoundCloud providing the soundtrack, BuddyBeers telling us the best hidden places for a drink, Fashionism keeping us updated on the hottest clothing trends and EyeEm there to capture it all on camera, Berlin’s startup scene is a great representation of all that the city has to offer.

The magazine is published online every six months, in both Italian and English. If you want to see your work published in the magazine, more information can be found at their Berlin special page here.