EyeEm Completes Line Up with WinPhone App Launch

By David Knight |

Photo discovery service EyeEm has completed its major platform line up with the launch of its WinPhone app on Wednesday.  The latest iteration has been developed in partnership with Microsoft and Nokia and will be listed amongst their featured apps. At the same time, EyeEm has overhauled its sister web platform.

With the new EyeEm camera being released on Android last month, the Berlin-based startup can now boast a properly cross-platform service on iOS, Android, WinPhone and the web.

The WinPhone app is functionally identical to its sister iterations, offering the photo sharing and discovery features that have helped EyeEm make a name for itself in the crowded space. The newly redesigned web platform, meanwhile, now complements the mobile apps in terms of layout by displaying subscribed albums, friends and the ‘popular’ channel on a head-mounted task bar.

Co-founder and CEO Florian Meissner said: “Since starting EyeEm, our vision has been to make photography accessible to anyone, anywhere, no matter what device they are using – to release great photos from peoples’ smartphones and onto a place where they can be appreciated by anyone. With today’s release of EyeEm for WinPhone, we can now offer a whole new family of users that same EyeEm philosophy and experience that has thus far built such a dedicated community of photo lovers on iOS and Android.”

The service was first launched on iOS and Android in August 2011, but the latest EyeEm camera has 14 new filters and 12 cutting-edge frames which can be changed easily thanks to a swipe function to change filters.

“EyeEm offers a great mix of sharing and discovery around photo content that we felt would sit perfectly on the WinPhone platform,” said Jens Garberding, Windows Phone platform parketing lead at Microsoft Germany. “Tagging by location and activity brings a novel twist to the photosharing space, and has built an engaging community that we’re sure our users will want to be a part of.”