Challenge Your Friends to a Duel with Klash

By Toni Ellis |

New Berlin-based web app Klash is out to change the world – one dare at a time. A new social betting application, fully embedded in Twitter and Facebook, Klash gives its users the ability to challenge themselves and friends in any kind of field, and compete at who is best at something against each other.

Founded at the start of this year, co-founder Alex Napetschnig explained to Silicon Allee how the app was a two-part social experiment: “One part of the app is for private klashes. You can duel your friends to run a marathon, to pick up a girl at the bar, to stop smoking – anything you think of. You can take sides, and your friends can bet on your successes.”

The other half of the app is a platform for talent, where users can challenge the rest of the world to be better at something than themselves: “Say you’re really good at writing poetry. You can write a short poem, and give guidelines saying that it’s three lines and about a certain topic, then challenge the world to do it better. With a crowd voting system, people can say which poem they think is the best. It’s like social challenges.”

In addition, the app allows users to bet on the outcomes of each klash by setting rewards for completing challenges, be it a burger or beer to cleaning someones apartment. At present, the rewards system in set as a ‘gentleman’s agreement,’ but Alex hinted that in future versions of the app a leaderboard and an in-game rewards system may be integrated, adding that they were still in the early stages of the product development.

The idea for the app was conceived at the beach (which is not a first) while the three co-founders were surfing. Alex revealed how he and Alessandro challenged their third co-founder Baris to surf a swell – even though he’d never been on a board in his life. “We were daring him to do it, and his reward would be a beer if he did. And then we thought it would be cool if not only the three of us shared this moment, but other people too – that’s where the concept of Klash came from.”

And while Alex said that there are many similar services available, only Klash merges both dares and open challenges of talents into one app. “It’s definitely an interesting field – and seeing that there are other players out there actually gives us a boost in confidence because it says that there is a market out there.”

The app, which is still in beta mode, has had positive reactions so far. Originally meant to be tested by friends and family, it has taken off and spread through Facebook users, already gaining fans internationally. But the Klash team aren’t thinking on a large scale just yet. Alex added: “Our very first focus is on user acquisition, in terms of having a kick-ass product, and then we go from there. Of course, we have a business model in our mind which is more into social media advertising, but there’s a lot of pivoting in early stages.”