Let’s Have a Pizza That! Berlin Advice for Italians

By Toni Ellis |

Berlin is an increasingly international city, and it’s also no secret that many startups struggle to find talented technical staff. But help is at hand – the Startup Berlin: Guidance for Italian Programmers event, hosted later this month by Berlin-based productivity company FC Garage aims to help Italians who want to experience the Berlin startup culture by sharing their knowledge of the city.

The workshop, which will be held entirely in Italian, is aimed at professional software engineers and developers as well as engineering and computer science students who want to move to Berlin in order to work in the tech scene.

Participants will learn how to make an informed decision about moving to the German capital and working for a startup, with advice on questions ranging from wage expectations to cultural shocks, and help build connections between the event’s startup sponsors and the Italian attendees.

The workshop will also include a seminar from FC Garage operations manager Katrin Rampf and CEO Francesco Cirillo on bureaucratic, administrative and organizational aspects of transferring to Berlin, as well as the market for startups from an economic and job market point of view. There will also be a Q&A session, as well as a chance for those present to sumbit their resumes to startups participating in the event, including 6wunderkinder, Gidsy, Smeet and You Is Now.

The event, which is being held at the Ahoy! co-working space on May 26, is free for both developers and startup participants. Participants can register their interest here.