New Improves FB and Tumblr Sharing

By David Knight |

A major update of GIF-sharing service has been released in the App Store this morning which introduces a new solution for Tumblr integration. Short loops are animated directly on a Tumblr user’s dashboard as long as they are less than the 1mb limit.

In addition, there is improved Facebook sharing, with shared loops having a neat thumbnail and better description.

The release is the first since announced a seed financing round involving London-based Passion Capital as well as some of Berlin’s highest-profile tech personalities. At the same time, there was an overhaul of the startup’s web portal. was founded in 2011 by Swede Tor Rauden Källstigen. It enables users to express themselves and share moments in short GIF-based video clips called loops. The platform’s userbase has expanded rapidly in recent months, with Tor telling Silicon Allee earlier this year that users had surprised him by creating communities, with loops making up conversations and memes.

Now they can share loops with any of their Tumblrs, and there is no need to connect with Facebook or Twitter in advance. The website has also been improved – users can now login and manage their accounts, make loops private and RSS favourite feeds.

The video accompanying the release shows how the new app – still “stupid simple to use,” apparently – works, just tap, save and share.

Tor told Silicon Allee: “This update is a major step towards our vision of communication in loops. The users will experience it as faster, better and even more inspiring.”