Readmill’s New Features Help Make Reading Easier

By Claire Adamson |

It’s a good day for instant gratification. Social ebook sharing site Readmill has just launched two new functions designed to make connecting with books faster and easier for users. Library and Send to Readmill will allow users to bypass the uploading and downloading of files and connect with the purchased material instantly.

Library is a cloud-based storage service where users can save their collected ebooks, allowing easy transfer between their computer and their preferred reading tool. The books will be directly linked to the user’s Readmill account meaning that material will be instantly available across all of the user’s platforms, whether Kindle, iPad or mobile phone.

Send to Readmill is a button that appears after purchase allowing users to bypass the lengthy process of downloading by saving the book directly to the Library. After purchase, a user will click the Send to Redmill button and the book will be immediately added to the user’s Library. Once this happens, it will be instantly available for reading on all of the user’s devices.

The button will be available at Leanpub, A Book Apart,, Jottify, Publit, Bookrix and Bibliocrunch, with more stores to come in the near future.