Aiming Ever Hire! Wooga Takes on 200th Employee

By Claire Adamson |

It’s renowned as a great place to work – and now Berlin-based gaming startup Wooga has just hired its 200th employee as part of its ongoing growth plans.

The company, which has six successful Facebook games and one on iOS, credits its office culture of openness and trust as a major factor in the 2,000 or so job applications it receives a month.

New employees are welcomed with comprehensive inductions into all aspects of the company, and are encouraged to get to know their workmates with parties and incentives. Shared lunches and brainstorming sessions with crayons are all part of the office landscape, as is the multicultural feel of the team. Some 30 countries are now represented in Wooga’s office, with English as the uniting language.

Wooga began its life with three co-founders and an intern in 2009. That intern now heads a team of 30 and the office is growing at a rate of two new employees a week. Co-founder and CEO Jens Begemann thinks that this fast growth is important in such a competitive market: “We’ve been lucky to find that balance between growth and sustainability that has enabled us to keep our relaxed company culture intact.”

The office is not going to stop at 200 people however, and with half the team working on new games and expanding into other mobile platforms Gitta Blatt, Head of human resources, wants growth to continue: “We are confident that Wooga will meet its expected growth plans – to grow to 250 employees – by the end of the year.”