FarFromHomePage Kick Off Indiegogo Crowd-Funding

By David Knight |

A team of entrepreneurs is hoping to kick start their latest project FarFromHomePage, a tool which allows you to mix and match Web content, with a crowd-funding campaign – but not through Kickstarter, which decided at the last minute that the project wasn’t acceptable.

But no problem: Instead, they went with Indiegogo, and have also produced an awesome video to showcase their product.

Manuel Scheiegger and Janosch Asen are the entrepreneurs behind the Berlin-based startup. They hope that FarFromHomePage, which they call a “revolutionary technique,” will change the way people browse the Web.

The key process behind this idea is called Creative Browsing – users can mix material from different sources like audio from SoundCloud and video from YouTuve into a stream of animated content which can then be shared with others. It means they can watch different kinds of content like a movie, or dive in and browse something catches their eye.

Ultimately, the founders’ vision foresees a rebuilt Web where you don’t surf with tabs or blue inks but through creative projects catered to your interests

They have had to turn to crowd-funding after failing to secure early-stage capital in Germany. Janosch said: “Our tool was built for creative people, and Indiegogo is one of the only crowdfunding platforms where entrepreneurs and creatives meet to share their passions.”

The founders insist that, using their tool, you can now for the first time easily cut and edit any form of Web content. Manuel said: “It’s a tool that lets you remix your web, your way. We think of it as an iMovie meets a Web browser.”

So why did Kickstarter give them the boot? By way of explanation, they wrote: “As in all categories, Kickstarter is for projects that can be completed, not things that require maintenance to exist.”

Manuel said they had thought that FarFromHomePage would be considered as a tool within a project time, but accepted the decision – and is more than happy to have switched to Indiegogo, which has had a massive hit in recent weeks…