The Big Berlin Breakdown: August 27-31

By Claire Adamson |

Check out Silicon Allee’s weekly rundown of all the best events going on in our fair city: what’s happening, what’s coming up and what may be of interest; whether you be investor, entrepreneur or hacker.


The Berlin Startup Culture meet up will look at Angel and Venture Capital Investment Term Sheets this week, and promises to explain some of the terms and clauses that founders need to get to grips with. This is a great event for young entrepreneurs who are just starting out, and should be a great place to meet and network with likeminded souls. Pizza and drinks will be provided by Ladenzeile. From 7pm at Co-Up.


Come along to the Berlin Tech Meet Up and learn a bit more about the technical side of some of Berlin’s up and coming startups. The evening is great for networking, and provides a behind-the-scenes look at apps and websites. From 7.30pm at MobileSuite.


The iOS User Group will meet on Thursday to discuss UX/UI design and uploading apps to the app store. There will also be a chance to present your ideas and the apps that you have been working on. From 7pm at Co-Up.


Clear your afternoon for TEDxBerlin, a forum to discuss and share ideas surrounding technology, entertainment and design. This is an excellent event for entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and anyone who wants to look outside the tech sphere for inspiration. From 1pm, see here for details.

Also on Friday is the Open Coffee Club – a chance for entrepreneurs to connect with VCs over a nice latte or two. From 9am at Caras Leipziger Platz.


The Open Tech School is holding an introductory course on programming with Python. It will be a fun day aimed at total beginners, so bring along your laptop and get coding! From 2pm at Co-Up.

Coming Up:

International Media Convention – September 3-4, Facebook Developers World Hack – September 11.