Tweek Looks To The Future with Full iTunes Integration

By Claire Adamson |

Tweek has launched a new release – version 1.3.1 – which includes full integration with the iTunes content library for the first time.

The update means that users are now able to access information about price and definition quality for their chosen movie or television show directly from the Tweek interface without having to switch between the app and iTunes.

As well as offering all the information that a user needs to decide what to watch, Tweek has decided to go the whole hog and integrate fully with the content library. In future, users also will be able to see what movies and television shows are on special as well as what is new to the store.

Tweek has also taken this opportunity to make all iTunes content from Germany and the UK available through the app, a number which previously stood at 81 percent.

CEO Marcel Düe said he sees this as an excellent opportunity for the Berlin-based startup to look to the future, with the deep integration serving as preparation for the release of iOS6 and In-App purchasing.