I Spy with My Little Eye… a Photo Hack Day

By Conor Rushby |

I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with C. In this case, it’s a camera, as EyeEm kicks things off ahead of its photo hack day next weekend with a week-long competition. Together with partners Photojojo, the Berlin-based startup has dubbed the contest ‘I Spy a Camera’ and winners will see their picture projected onto the wall during the hackathon.

The event itself takes place on Saturday and Sunday, with the innovative and stylish recycled shipping containers of PLATOON Kunsthalle providing a fitting venue.

It’s the second running of the EyeEm hack day following the inaugural event in February, and it brings together creative people from the worlds of design, developing and photography to create new photo-related apps.

Backed by Facebook Developers, Getty Images, and Nokia, the organisers expect more than 100 entrants with some already having formed teams. They will be competing for €5,000 worth of prizes for the best app – including the new iPhone 5.

Ideas already mooted includes Shovel, which calculates your GPS position then shows pictures of the same position on the other side of the planet, and Perish, which pulls photos from available APIs globally and allows you to view random images.

It will take some doing, though , as competitors will only have 24 hours to hack their idea into reality, which means Saturday night will probably be a late one.

Projects will be judged on Sunday afternoon by an international panel including Ali Parr (senior developer at Facebook,) Vinay Solanky (director business development at Getty Images), and Peter Brondmo (Nokia’s head of concepting and innovation). The Berlin startup scene will be well represented, with judges including Christian Reber of 6Wunderkinder), Amen’s CTO Florian Weber and EyeEm’s own Ramzi Rizk.

The Photo Hack Day will be held at the PLATOON Kunsthalle